Our Story

When my two baby girls Azeea and Alessia were born I knew I had to leave them a heritage behind. An education, quality time and something beautiful, unique and of exceptional quality. These are not simple jewellery, it is about each mother and daughter story, grandmother and niece, friends and women in general. A matching wear that shows the love we wear to our kids. Just like the imprint a mother puts when she sews the names of her children.

More than just another piece of jewellery, a Zea et Sia present symbolises the birth of a new born combined with the joy of becoming a mother and a sign of pure love that would bind both mother and child for eternity.

Why Zea et Sia? To honour special, happy or even sad moments in life. For the love of your life, to remember that special day. For your best friend, so she can always carry her children with her. For your daughter, who graduated, to let her know how proud you are. To remember lost loved ones. Or simply as a gift to yourself, just because it is so special to keep your loved ones close.

We approach our story with the childish playfulness that has the assumed intention of igniting a conversation about the dowry each mother offers to her daughter. Moreover, the red string has the meaning of protecting the child from prying eyes. Zea et Sia jewellery discreetly celebrates motherly love. A symbol of eternal love.

Zea et Sia shares the same vision as the visitors: love to the moon and back to family, kids, the visible and invisible imprint we want to leave to our children and a celebration of the fact that we are, above all, WOMEN.

Love, MOM
Our Story