Guarantee of Authenticity

We try to offer you not just a simple purchase, but timeless pieces of jewellery that one can wear a life time. For this purpose each jewellery is accompanied by a guarantee of authenticity certificate that ensures its original design and the quality of the materials.
All our jewelry is proudly made in Romania, respecting all the directives of the European Union and we use only premium packing materials.

Zea et Sia guarantee of authenticity certificate is in accordance with gold jewellery marketing law. Consumers' rights are in accordance with art 16 (1) of Romanian Law no 449/2003 on the sale of goods and associated guarantees, as subsequently amended and repubished ("Law 449/2009").

Through the guarantee here provided the consumrs' rights are ensured in accordance with (i) Romanian Law 449/2009 and with (ii) Romanian Government Ordinance no 21/1992 on Consumer Protection.

We hereby certify the guarantee that our jewellry is marked with:

- the manufacturer's liability mark;

- title mark (for 14 and 18 carat gold)

- own guarantee mark;

- the mark of the National Authority for Consumer Protection - Directorate for Precious Metals.

The guarantee of authenticity certificate contains the description and quality of the material, its scale in karats and diamond specifications.  The warranty period for the material of our jewellery is 24 months from purchase. The guarantee of authenticity certificate provides the customer with the opportunity to change or repair the purchased product within 24 months from the date of purchase, if it has manufacturing defects. In order to benefit from this right, it is necessary to present the guarantee of authenticity and the invoice.

Manufacturing defects are considered: broken pendants, detached rings or bracelets, fallen diamonds, mechanical deformations. For defects that cannot be covered by our warranty, such as: scratches, excessive or improper wear, broken chain, gold discolouration, repairs will be performed based on an additional cost, depending on the complexity and type of repair. The customer will be informed of this cost before processing the repair. The pick-up/delivery time of a repair/replacement is 20 working days from the moment of processing. The transport cost is borne by the customer, if delivery is requested.

We use yellow, white or pink gold to produce our jewellery. Gold is obtained through an alloy of precious metal with a mixture of other metals that gives it a specific hue. To intensify the luster of white gold jewellery, they are coated with rhodium. The rhodium layer may wear out in 6-12 months, and the jewellery might lose its shine.

The consumer's rights are not affected by the warranty conditions provided in this guarantee of authenticity certificate. 

We hereby certify that our jewellery are marked in accordance with our own warranty mark and trademark title, which is authorized by the National Authority for Consumer Protection - The Directorate for Precious Metals. This guarantee certifies that the jewellery is made of gold.